Welcome to Rushby's Resins

Please note:

Having moved and found more work required than anticipated it may take some time before I'm in a position to take orders. Rather than raise false expectations I won't commit myself to a date, but will make announcements both here and at Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling Online when ready.

My apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. 

Rushby's Resins is a small volume, short run supplier of resin kits for 009/HOe. I choose prototypes which appeal to me, that I'd like multiples of and where I can see little likelihood of them being the target of the professional and semi professional kit manufacturers.

I have changed the website slightly to better reflect the realities of demand and production. All the kits previously available still are, but on a cast to order basis. As a one man band it's difficult to keep stocks of the entire range ready to go at a moments notice, so I intend to have the current model in stock, and the back catalogue available to order.
Currently in stock the latest model, a four wheel 30hp Kerr Stuart diesel shunter.


it requires a Tomytec HM-01 chassis, paint and glue to complete

Please contact me here to place an order.

Neil Rushby